August 31 – September 1, 2020


In view of the current situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic in Victoria, it is with some sadness, we have decided that it would not be appropriate to run the next MCEC course (Melbourne Clinical Exam Course) scheduled on 31 August and 1 September.

As such, with regret, we have decided to cancel this course.

This is based on the fact that:

  1.  we think any non-essential gatherings over the coming weeks to months would be ill-advised, especially amongst health care workers, so that we can play our part in minimising inadvertent disease transmission in this period. This is also because sickness and quarantine of critical care doctors at this stage would be problematic, when we are likely to be needed the most.
  2.  it is very likely that within a couple of weeks, many of us will be caught up in responding to an unprecedented surge in demand for critical care services.

We know you will have worked hard on your exam preparation and we were looking forward to developing your skills further. However, such skills will be better acquired in better circumstances.

Please advise us whether you want us to issue a complete refund. Otherwise, we will secure you a spot in the next available course. The date will be determined at a later date.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused, particularly those who had arranged special leave and had organised to come from interstate and overseas.